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Apocalist Book Club

Jun 20, 2022

While Raven and Nella are still prepping for Season 2: The Atomic Age for the Apocalist, Danielle Ngo and Joy Seldin from the podcast Binge O'Clock joined Nella to watch zombie movies...and not just any zombie movies, the ones that started it all! 

This first episode explores the history of the zombie movie, and NIGHT...

Jun 16, 2022

#41: Thank you to everyone that sent in questions for our Q&A! We currently don't have a hard start date for season 2 though Nella is planning a limited Zombie Movie Night series for the interim. 

Stay tuned as we prepare for the Atomic Age!

Follow the progress of 

Feb 23, 2022

#40: The year is...well it's a little timey wimey, but we're calling it 1939. Tom Conner was just a normal dude who was sent to the electric chair for murder...and wakes up to find himself in the FUTURE! In a world ruled by Immortals, Tom truly is the 2nd love interest of a YA dystopian novel heroine, he just doesn't...

Jan 19, 2022

#39: We're still in 1936 but we've moved out to the Scottish Highlands and taken up cave-living in the face of war! If you liked THE HATCHET or other wilderness survival books as a kid, you're probably going to like this one. This book could have been insufferable with moralizing, but MacPherson weaves a...

Dec 22, 2021

#38: The year is 1936 and we're back to our beloved Czech author Karel Capek. This is a much grimmer end of the world when compared to his 1922 novel THE ABSOLUTE AT LARGE. While both novels address the danger of voracious human consumption, this one digs much deeper into the horrors of colonialism, and the...